World’s largest rabbit gets competition from his own son


World’s largest rabbit gets competition from own family. Jeff has only twenty centimeters left to beat the record of his father Darius (1m30). And the young boy still has six months to grow.

Owner Annette Edwards is already looking forward to the new world record. She is spending 6,800 euros per year to feed the huge specimens. Two thousand seven hundred carrots and apples are going in smoothly. The firm quadrupeds are getting customized nutrition daily and a new bale of hay every week.

“I can think of no better animal friends, even though they are so big,” said Edwards. “They’re both very calm, Jeff seems to be just like his dad. Like most other rabbits, they like getting attention and get along well with children and other animals. Jeff’s best friend is my boxer Kay. ”

German giants can normally get up to 1.20 meters wide, but Darius went a step further. They sleep separately in a doghouse which is normally used for a German shepherd.
“I certainly expect that Jeff will surpass his father,” concludes Annette. “When the time comes, the Guinness Book of Records should come again.”

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