Woman Drives Around with Dead Body for Months

dead bodyA 57-year-old former real estate agentĀ in Orange County befriended a local homeless women some months ago and occasionally let the woman sleep in her car. At some point, between 3 and 10 months ago, the homeless woman died, and since that time, the owner of the car has continued to drive around with the dead body propped up in the passenger seat.

Police do not suspect foul play and the unidentified owner of the car is not under arrest. When asked why she did not come forward to report the death, she said that she was “concerned about telling the police about a dead body” in her car.

Police who found the body were responding to a complaint about a car that was blocking a driveway, and when they arrived they noticed that the car was emitting rather peculiar and pungent aroma. After they saw what was inside they broke into the car to discover what they say was basically mummified remains of skin and bones. Although they reported a strongish smell, they say that the smell in the initial weeks after the death must have been unbearable.

The owner of the car initially denied being aware of the dead body in the passenger seat.

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