Student leaves 1900+ page online suicide note

Mitchell Heisman

Mitchell Heisman

35-year-old Mitchell Heisman committed suicide just outside Memorial Church, Harvard Yard, last Saturday at about 11 am. He waited till a group was touring Harvard to add to the Saturday crowd. He ran up to them and shot himself in the head. After this 400 people received a link to his suicide “note”, a 1905-page essay on what is wrong with the world.

Friend Jared Nathanson said the automated e-mail from Heisman 5 hours after he had died. “Several of us wrote responses trying to dissuade him, not knowing it was too late,” he said. “I am deeply saddened and surprised by his death.”

“Mitch was a smart, witty and gentle person. He was a friend and a great support to my band,” Nathanson added. “We shared many good conversations about the world,  music and the ridiculousness of being. I knew he was writing a book and that it was very important to him, that it was his purpose.”

Download Mitchell Heisman’s 1905 Suicide “Note” – on his site, Mitchell remarks: “My last request is for this website to be kept up as is, free for access for all. is hosted by XS4ALL.”

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