Jailed Man to Sue County after Rat Bites Penis

Rat Bites Penis

Big Fat Rat @ Flickr

50 year old Peter Solomon isn’t happy with the treatment he received at the NY Nassua County Jail in 2007 – and so he’s decided to sue.

While being held on charges of menacing, jailers grew concerned about Solomon’s mental state and had him transferred to a medical ward for observation. While in the medical ward in the deep of night, a rat emerged from a hole in his mattress and bit his penis. Solomon says county officials knew of their vermin problem and put him in with the rats because he is black.

County officials deny this allegation, and say it may only have been a mouse, and not a rat, which bit the complainant in a sensitive area. Furthermore, officials say no stitches were needed and injuries were largely psychological in nature – so what’s the big deal anyway?

A judge ruled on Thursday that Solomon’s lawsuit may proceed to court.

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