Racism: the board game

In 1970, Psychology Today had a board game division which released the controversial game Blacks & Whites – based on the famous Monopoly game. It was conceived as a playful way for middle-class whites to get the hang of the frustrations experienced by African Americans. In the first version, however, the black player could not win! Since this was too frustrating  Psychology Today redesigned the game, taking suggestions from militant black members of “US” in San Diego. The new rules allowed the black players to give extra bonus cards to a brother or sister.The cards provided helpful tips such as “When a group of players get together as a community, swapping property and making personal loans, they become invincible.”

Although it may seem far-fetched to take Monopoly and use it to highlight social issues, it is worth noting that the original version of Monopoly itself, called ‘The Landlord’s Game‘, was designed to demonstrate how the current economic system led to inequality and bankruptcy. (Source: Mindhacks)

Images were taken from boardgamegeek.com

The original Times Article from 1970 about Blacks & Whites

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