Pharmacist Won’t Give Asthma Inhaler to Woman Having an Attack

Asthma Attack

Katherine O’Connor

Katherine O’Connor was in the midst of an asthma attack when she and her boyfriend Jack Brown rushed into a New Jersey CVS drug store to get some medication.

The pharmacist on duty, however, refused to hand over the asthma inhaler to the suffering woman because she was $1.50 short of the $21.50 full price.

Mr. Brown explained the couple’s desperation and disbelief, saying, “I had exactly a $20 bill. It came to $21 and some change. I offered him [the pharmacist] my cell phone, my wallet. I said I live right around the corner. I come in here all the time.

‘I said “Can you just give her the pump. She’s on the floor wheezing’. I didn’t know if an ambulance would get here on time. He said there was nothing he could do for me.”

The couple left the store without any medication and called a friend who was a paramedic to come and rush over an inhaler for her to use.

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