Man Tries to Pass Bum Check to Buy Two Bentleys

Walter Allen Jr. of Beaumont Texas figured that if you’re going to buy a car with fake check, then you’d might as well make it a nice one… like a Bentley. And instead of buying just the one – why not make it a couple?

Fake Check

His word is his bond

Allen walked into Post Oak Motor Cars on Friday to purchase a $245,000 Bentley GTC and a $213 000 2010 Bentley Flying Spur. He asked to pay by check and even brought his own notary public with him to witness the signatures – which he documented with his own driver’s license as he passed checks from the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta for the two cars that totaled just under a half million dollars.

Something about the double car by check purchase made the luxury cars retailers suspicious, and Allen was asked to pick up the cars later in the evening. When he returned, Houston Police awaited and he was arrested on charges of theft of more than $200 000, which is a first degree felony.

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