Girl Kicked off Cheerleading Team for Refusing to Cheer for Student Who Raped Her

Rhakeem BoltonRakheem Bolton, a football star at Silsbee High School in Texas, raped a 16 year old girl at a party in 2008.

The girl pressed charges and the case progressed through the courts, and meanwhile, the girl also joined the cheerleading squad.

When the girl refused to cheer for her rapist during basketball season, School Superintendent Richard Bain Jr. gave her an ultimatum, ‘get up and cheer for the man who raped you when he goes up to make a free-throw, or get off the team.

She wouldn’t and so she got the boot.

Although her parents sued the school over the decision, the courts ruled that she had no individual rights to free speech as a member of the cheering squad, and as such the school was within its rights to cut her from the team.

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