Employee deposited sperm in coffee colleague


He was madly in love with his pretty colleague, but the way he showed his affection for her was inappropriate. For six months, Robert John deposited a blob of sperm in the coffees of his great desire. Therefore he had to explain it to court in the state of Minneapolis.

The employee in the tool shop said he was head over heels in love with his female colleague. According to court documents, ‘he repeatedly left body fluids behind at her workplace’.

The ball started rolling when the woman thought for a while that her coffee had a strange taste. The mystery got solved when she caught her colleague with his pants at his ankles. They immediately alerted the police who questioned John. He admitted that he ejaculated from time to time in the coffee of his colleague. Because it did not cause unwanted physical contact, he was acquitted of sexual harassment. He was convicted for indecent exposure.

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