Dangerous Driver Who Kills 14 Year Old Boy Suing Victim’s Parents for Emotional Damages

David Weaving ManslaughterRepeat drunk driving offender who mows over a 14 year old boy sues parents of the deceased victim for causing him “great emotional pain and suffering.”

Currently serving 10 years on a manslaughter conviction after hitting and killing 14 year old Mathew Kenney, 48 year old David Weaving is now suing the parents of the victim for letting the boy ride his bicycle without a helmet. He’s asking for $15 000.

Weaving, a 5 time repeat DUI offender was not intoxicated at the time of the accident but he was passing a car while traveling 83 miles an hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.

Mathew’s mom, Joanne Kenney commented with disgust, saying, “Enough is enough. Can you just leave us alone and serve your time?”

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