Man Asked for Yin-Yang and Dragon Tattoo – Got 16 Inch Penis on His Back Instead

The moral of the story is never get into an argument with your tattoo artist just before getting some ink.

Penis Butterfly

Least Cute Butterfly Ever

A 21 year old man in Bundamba Australia has been charged with assault and causing bodily harm after he tattooed a 16 inch penis onto a friend’s back after getting into an argument with the man just prior to the tattooing.

The victim had asked for a yin yang tattoo with some dragons from the assailant, who is not a licensed tattoo artist. After the tattoo on the back was finished, the man was told to keep it out of the sun and covered for some weeks.

The victim didn’t follow those directions, but instead went home to show his girlfriend his new tat, and it was his GF that broke the news of the unfortunate giant penis and a misspelled slogan which implied homosexuality. In her words, “I don’t think that’s the tattoo you were after.”

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