Father and Son Busted for Nastiest Prison Drug Scheme Ever

#1 Dad!

Donald Denney Jr, 29, who is serving a 7 year stretch in a Col. Federal Penitentiary for armed robbery came up with a plan to smuggle a golf ball sized wedge of heroin into prison for resale.

He called his dad up and the two plotted out a way to get the drugs in unnoticed during a family prison visiting session.

Donald Sr. was to get the heroin into the prison by hiding the significant heft of drugs in his anus. At some point during the visiting session, dad would do a sneaky transfer of the drugs into his mouth, and then – real casual likeā€¦give his son a French kiss to pass the drugs.

Prison officers fortunately overheard the nauseating plan while monitoring telephone conversations and were able to bust the most revolting drug dealers ever before anything truly nasty took place.

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