Access denied for City fans after sick song about plane crash

Supporters of Manchester City were not allowed to enter Old Trafford on Sunday after they sang a satirical song about the Munich air crash, which killed eight players from Man United in February 1958.

“Who’s that dying on the runway? Who’s that dying in the snow? It’s Matt Busby and his boys, making all the f ***** g noise”: The song with which the City fans wanted to enter the Man United stadium, was one of the morbid species. Stewards and police were not amused and took action immediately. The City supporters were not allowed to access the stadium and had to try to follow the Manchester derby somewhere else.

The Munich air disaster took place on February 6, 1958, when a flight of British European Airways crashed during the third attempt to take off. On board of the plane was the full selection of Manchester United, also known as the ‘Busby Babes’ (Matt Busby was then manager of the club). Of the 44 passengers, 23 were killed, including eight players of Manchester United.

Interesting detail: even Frank Swift, former goalkeeper of … Manchester City, was among the fatalities. Swift had traveled along as a journalist. A fact that the vocal talents of City will have undoubtedly missed last Sunday.

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