Warning – you may discover content on this site that you find disturbing!!!

…at least we hope you do, some of the time anyway, cause what we’re really all about is finding the world’s most fucked up content and bringing it to your screen daily (from fucked up news stories to the most messed up videos on the internet)  – and if you don’t leave our site a little bit wiser; or at the very least a little bit grossed out (in a good way), bewildered, amazed or just plain bemused at the state of things, then we haven’t done our job very well.

We also hope this shit cracks you up like it does us, every single day.

We show it like it is, and to be honest, a lot of what ‘is’ isn’t very pretty – but if videos of mean people hurting puppies or kids turn you on; then we recommend you go elsewhere (and hope you get what’s coming to you) cause we ain’t into that. There’s fucked up and there’s evil twisted fucked up, and we don’t do the latter.

Anyway, you’ve been warned, so don’t come crying to us after seeing something fucked up on the site – after all – that’s kinda’ the whole point here.

Quasi-legal disclaimer aside – get down and get dirty and enjoy yourself for a while on themostfuckedup.com. We turn poison into medicine.